August 27, 2019

Welcome back! Here’s the rundown of what we’re doing today in class:

  1. We’re going to start by watching this short video and answering some questions.

2. Next, as a reminder, we’re having an after school extra credit movie, the edited version of Troy, Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. You are invited to join us in room 316. Attending will be worth five points of extra credit on your Hero’s Journey project (which is a major grade). There will be movie snacks for sale, benefiting Bellaire study abroad programs.

3. Also, as you are working on your two summer reading assignments, please check out the website for Bellaire’s Pre-AP English 1 summer reading.

4. Your homework for tonight is to respond to a quick prompt via Flipgrid. You can access your period’s Grid by clicking on the links below:

5. Here is the rubric for the essay over your nonfiction book, which will be due on Monday, September 9 (Nonfiction Summer Reading Essay Rubric). This will be worth a major grade.

6. And finally, we will be spending some time in class working on your fiction summer reading Hero’s Journey poster. That project will be due on Tuesday, September 3, and will be worth a major grade. Please make sure that you do your very best work on this!