Friday, August 28

We spent the first part of the class discussing the Superman and Me essay – students had lots of sharp insights, and I enjoyed our conversation. Then I gave students the last part of the class to work on their name essays.

Some important dates to keep in mind:

Monday, August 31: Students will get their laptops! The Alchemist essay is also due (please have your rubric to turn in with it), and students will take their first vocabulary quiz.

Tuesday, September 1: Essay on your name is due (typed and printed – although if you can’t type or print for some reason, let me know ahead of time).

Wednesday, September 2: Yearbook picture day! Please wear something that your parents will approve of. Also, if your parents would like to order pictures, please return the order form I gave you on Wednesday to give to the photographer.

I had a fun first week with you! Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll look forward to seeing you on Monday.