August 24, 2015 – Welcome to Pre-AP English 1!

Hello, students! I am excited to have you in class.

To recap, today we talked about some important policies and procedures:

  • I will give you a syllabus later this week (I don’t like doing that on the first day, because I think that’s what you will probably be doing in all of your classes). It will have lots of information about grades, procedures, contact information, etc. It will also have a form for you to fill out and have your parents sign. I really need you to return that form to me.
  • YOU MUST HAVE A SCHOOL LAPTOP FOR THIS CLASS (as well as many other classes at Bellaire). To get a laptop, you need to bring a permission slip and $25 to the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) during lunch on any day this week. You have probably already received a permission slip, but if not, ask me and I’ll give you one. I will ask you every day whether you have turned in your money and form for the laptop. If you do not turn your money and your form in by Friday, you will not get your laptop on Monday, August 31, with everyone else, and you will have to wait a long time before you can get one. If you are having a problem that is preventing you from getting a laptop, please come talk to me.
  • I run two class websites for each of the levels of English that I teach.
  1. for Academic classes:
  2. for Pre-AP classes:

Please be careful to go to the correct website. These websites will have everything that you will need over the course of the year – summaries of what we did in class every day (in case you were absent, or if your parents want to check), copies of assignments and homework, additional resources to help you study, and so on. If you already have a computer at home, I would like for you to try going to the website tonight, just to see what it’s like.

  • Please make sure that you do your homework for tonight!

Homework for tonight was to finish up your letter to me. Here is an electronic copy of that assignment: Letter Introduction Homework Assignment – 2015