May 7 and 8, 2015

We’ve been watching PSAs in class for the past two days. I’ve seen some really amazing ones, and I hope their producers will let me post them on the website!

We talked in most classes about a very exciting project to close up the end of the year. You will be writing scripts based on the works we have read in class this year. If you film it, you are eligible for 10 points of extra credit on a major grade, which should be worth a lot! Here is that project assignment page. Pre-AP English 1 Script Project If you would like, you can talk with a group this weekend and get started working. We’ll show these on our very last day of school together!

Finally, please make sure that you are ready for your vocabulary quiz on Monday (no new words; over all of the words we have covered this semester; remember that you can study using!).