May 4, 2015

We took our Romeo and Juliet vocabulary quiz today, and then viewed a portion of the R&J film, which we’ll read later.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Please be ready for a pop quiz over grammar some time this week. Here is what you need to study:

• the subjunctive mood
• subjects and predicates
o predicate nominatives
o predicate adjectives
• direct and indirect objects
o transitive and intransitive verbs
o different kinds of direct objects (nouns, pronouns, infinitives, gerunds, and noun clauses)
o “lie” vs. “lay”
o indirect objects versus prepositional phrases

I would highly recommend that you study tonight!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT #2: There will be no new vocabulary list this week. Instead, your quiz next Monday will be over all of the words we have had throughout the semester. Under the vocabulary section of the website I have posted two links to lists that you can use to study and practice. Please take advantage of those!