April 10, 2015

I will be out unexpectedly tomorrow (Friday). Students – please sign in and pick up your papers as usual. You will have the whole day to work on your MAUS reading guides – please put them in the stacks on my desk when you’re done. You will also pick up a packet of three sheets of blank paper, stapled in the middle. Fold them in half and you’ll have a blank booklet for your comic book. Your homework over the weekend (due on Tuesday, not Monday) will be do a ROUGH DRAFT of your comic book in the booklet. It doesn’t have to be fancy or in color, I just want you to get a sense of how things will look, what space you need, how you can experiment with different kinds of panels, etc. I will give you a second blank booklet for your final copy.

I hope that it is a good, productive day tomorrow!