February 4, 2015

Today in class, we began with some practice in combining sentences using appositives and present participles. (Please see me for a copy.) Then we discussed irregular verbs (also please see me for a copy of those notes) – if you need some help reviewing irregular verbs, I highly recommend this website.

Finally, we talked about your upcoming Count of Monte Cristo test (on Monday). Here is what you can expect from that:

  • No vocabulary
  • Quotation-to-character matching
  • Multiple-choice questions covering reading guide objectives
    • a selection from the unabridged Count of Monte Cristo
    • poetry related to The Count of Monte Cristo
    • a nonfiction selection related to The Count of Monte Cristo

In terms of studying, my advice to your is that you make sure that you are familiar with the objectives listed on the reading guides.

CMC reading guide 9 is due on Friday; the happiness essay is due tomorrow.