Daily Archives: December 5, 2014

December 4 and 5

On Thursday, we talked about our final exam essay (worth 50% of the final grade), which we will write on Monday during class. We talked about generating theses. Here were some that we came up with together:

Heroes can affect (impact/influence) a person by ______________________________.

  • showing them the right thing to do.
  • saving them from trouble/adversity.
  • making people feel inadequate.
  • inspiring them to become better themselves.
  • influencing what they value.
  • changing their view on life.

Here is the prompt sheet: 2014 English 1A Fall Final Exam Essay

Students may make notes on the prompt sheet to help them write their essay in class. They MAY NOT write a rough draft of their essay. If you have a rough draft on your paper, I will take it up.

Also on Thursday, I conferenced with individual students about their cooperation essays. Students worked in small groups to discuss their questions for their Glass Castle Thematic Response essays.

On Friday, students wrote two Short Answer Responses for a major grade. If you did not finish, here is that reading to complete over the weekend: Glass Castle SAR Major Grade

Things to remember for Monday:

  • No vocabulary quiz, but you are responsible for those Pearl words on the final exam
  • We’ll be writing our final exam essay
  • Your homework is to finish your Glass Castle Thematic Response

Have a good weekend!