November 5, 2014

Today in class, students read books 21, 22, and 23 from the Odyssey, and completed the following reading guide: Test Aligned Study Guide Books 21-23 This will be helpful for preparing for the exam over the second part of the Odyssey on Monday.

Homework was the Penelopiad, Part 22, along with a reading guide: The Penelopiad – The Maids The Penelopiad Part 2 Reading Guide

Also, your This I Believe essay final copy is due on Friday. Please come get a copy of the rubric from me if you didn’t get one today.

As a make-up opportunity for those of you who are looking to boost your grade – you can replace one of your HUB assignments with up to a 100 if you will create a mini-poster of the Hero’s Journey for your summer reading book. (If you did Joy Luck Club, pick one of the eight characters and follow her journey.)