Thursday, January 16

I will not be at school on this date, so I’m posting our assignments early.

Students will spend the majority of the period doing an assignment on literary devices found in the short story “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves.” Here is an electronic copy of that assignment for those of you who are absent. (It is to be turned in to the substitute at the end of the period.)

SLHFGRBW – Literary Devices – No Key

After you are done, please work on reading your free choice book. Remember that on Friday, you must bring a printed copy of five interesting quotes from your book with annotations.

Homework for Thursday night is to listen to the Radiolab podcast on the Iceman and answer questions and write a very short piece of creative fiction about him. Here is the link to that podcast, but I’m also going to try to embed it in this post:

Here is the page of questions that you need to complete:

Iceman Podcast Questions and Story

Please open the document, type your answers to the questions, save the completed file to your computer, and submit it via before Friday at 12:30 PM.

6 thoughts on “Thursday, January 16

  1. Hey Ms. Chapman sorry to bother you but i was wondering if the ice man podcast is homework for all the classes… I thought we only had the drawing but is there more? Thank you!

    1. I’m not sure why it’s doing that – it’s working on both my home and work computers. Here are the questions, though:

      Iceman Podcast Questions and Story

      You may listen to the podcast at

      Type your answers underneath each of the questions, save the document to your computer, and submit via by Friday, January 17 at 12:30 PM.

      Part I – Questions
      1. What did the hikers first think when they came across the Iceman?

      2. How old was the Iceman?

      3. Describe (using detail) how intact the corpse was when he was discovered?

      4. What do his “incredibly developed” leg muscles suggest about the Iceman?

      5. What was the big controversy between European countries about the Otzi?

      6. In addition to the arrow wound, what other injuries did Otzi sustain?

      7. What does the clotting (but not scabbing) suggest about Ozti’s last days?

      8. What surprising substance did scientists find in Ozti’s gut? What does this tell us about his last days?

      9. What is the official conclusion about Otzi’s cause of death? (This is not quite what your textbook suggests.)

      10. Why was the climate of Otzi’s death site so important?

      11. What does the word “tenacity” mean in this context?

      12. How great is that Scottish guy’s accent?

      Part II – Story
      Consider the way that the podcast treats Otzi not just as a scientific specimen but a human being. Write a FIRST-PERSON story of his death in 200 to 300 words. But, here is the twist – Ozti’s consciousness has to continue beyond his death. He has to continue telling the story after he is murdered. Type your story below this paragraph.

      [Type your story here.]

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