Dracula Chapter 9 – Background

It appears as though Stoker invented the Hospital of St. Joseph and St. Mary in Budapest, where Mina goes to nurse Jonathan back to health and to marry him, so there are of course no pictures of it, but here are some views of the city that Mina would have taken in. Budapest is known for its architecture, which has a combination of European and Middle Eastern influences.


Underneath the castle of the city, there is a dungeon – this is where Vlad Tepes was held as a prisoner by his enemies, supporters of the Ottoman Turks.


Renfield is particularly active in this chapter, and we see him restrained using a straight jacket, which is a piece of clothing designed to limit movement of the arms.


There are also a number of bats throughout the chapter – the novel implies that Dracula is able to turn himself into one. There have long been legends of vampirism associated with bats (and not just in Europe). Check out some facts about vampire bats here.

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