Dracula Chapter 6 – Background

Here is the viaduct (a structure to allow a train to pass over a body of water) Mina mentions in the beginning of the chapter as she is describing the small city of Whitby – it was built in 1885, so it would have been a new construction when she wrote about it.


She contrasts that with Whitby Abbey, the ruins of a monastery that was over a thousand years old:

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Whitby Abbey is where, in the poem by Sir Walter Scott, a nun who breaks her vows of chastity to live with a wicked man is punished by being walled up behind bricks to live out the rest of her life.

Here are some modern views of the city; you can see how it is surrounded by water and dominated by the abbey.

Whitby upper harbour and abbey ruinsCliffs in Whitby, Englandwhitby-david-speight

And here are some old photographs of what it would have looked like closer to the time that Mina was writing.

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Students often also have trouble with the section of this chapter written in the traditional Yorkshire accent. Here’s a quick video of what that would have sounded like.


And in honor of Renfield, a trip back to kindergarten.


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